Cell Phones are a Necessity

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Cellular Phones are a Luxury

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Do you think cell phones are more a Necessity or a Luxury?


Posted by in Tech / Devices on 12/04/10
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mama kaz - 1/2/11 @ 9:02 AM:
I recently saw an ad that if you can't afford a cell phone the government will provide one. That makes my blood boil. It makes the top of my head explode. If you can't afford a cell phone you don't need one. I've seen people whip out a government EBT card while taking calls or texting on a 500 dollar phone! What??? I have a crappy cell phone because that's all I can afford.

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Sarah Forester - 12/9/10 @ 4:57 PM:
Although i believe Cell phones were created as a luxury. They have become a necessity for many. I feel truely lost without mine. I hate that!!! It is the truth though.

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cutie122403 - 12/9/10 @ 3:47 PM:
Cell phones are a necessity because I use mine as my house phone and thankfully don't have to have a house phone because of it. Also, its comforting to know that when I am out by myself I can call my husband if something was to ever happen to me or the car etc. They are definitely necessary.

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mama kaz - 12/6/10 @ 12:15 PM:
We lived without cell phones for a very long time before their invention and life would go on without them. If you can afford a cell phone I think you can certainly consider it a necessity if you want to. What I object to is people on welfare who can seemingly afford to have a cell phone but can't buy their own food, etc... I saw an ad on tv where the government will get you a cell phone if you can't afford it. No wonder we are about to go under.

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The Boss - 12/4/10 @ 1:49 PM:
It's funny how items that were initially luxury items quickly become necessities. There is no way I could go without my cell phone. On the rare occurrence that I forget to bring or charge my phone I feel lost. Sad? Yes it is.

I used to think a home phone was a necessity but we now go without it. Another item I don't know how I lived without is my GPS or dumb dumb as my folks call it.

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Jeff - 12/4/10 @ 11:54 AM:
I'll tell ya I'm glad we have a cell phone I broke down one night and it sure came in handy.
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