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If John McCain wins the election what will the aftermath be? Quiet and Uneventful or Outrage and Riots?


Posted by in Politics / News on 10/30/08
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Side A Comment

Ripi - 5/15/09 @ 11:35 PM:
The election IS over.and now you see the outcome.

Side B Comment

AugTheCnqror - 4/13/09 @ 4:00 PM:
o race, will you ever not be an issue?

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 11/3/08 @ 9:36 PM:
History leans on the side of violence if Obama loses this election. I believe the loss will be blamed on race which will trigger violence. I think conservatives will be more likely to feel stressed if McCain loses but Obama supporters will be angry.

Side B Comment

Sysiphus Love - 10/30/08 @ 9:07 PM:
Tensions are high, people are agitated and nervous, and the characteristics of the candidates couldn't be a starker contrast. I'm not sure if 'live and let live' is going to fly this year.

Side A Comment

Madfastride - 10/30/08 @ 3:04 PM:
I completely agree with cptfantastic, Rednecks, Neo Nazi's and bigots in general scare me a lot more than the "liberals" and "socialists" who support Obama. If anything the people who will be upset by a McCain win are already used to pretty big disappointment (8 years of it) and nothing so far.

Side A Comment

cptfantastic - 10/30/08 @ 1:48 PM:
I think riots and outrage are more likely if Obama wins. There will be a &!!#@! off bigots and racists out there. Either way America will be a little bit scary for the first little bit. I can't remember two opponents representing two entirely different American demographics and trains of thought
The Boss - 10/30/08 @ 1:55 PM: Rival | Side B
You are right, they are definite opposites in many ways.
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