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Positivity Doesn’t Effect Outcome

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I’ve heard many people claim positive attitudes influence or create positive outcomes. Is this pure coincidence or does conducting your day with an intentional positive attitude really lead to better results?


Posted by in Other / Living on 6/11/12
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cutie122403 - 6/13/12 @ 5:33 PM:
Your attitude definitely effects the outcome. No one likes someone that is constantly negative.

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LIBERAL - 6/13/12 @ 12:56 PM:
Anyone who doesn't believe a positive attitude helps breed a positive outcome is obviously without the benefit of success.

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Numero Uno - 6/12/12 @ 7:37 PM:
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The Boss - 6/11/12 @ 8:16 PM:
Sure it does. If you go about your day hating the world thinking everyone is out to get you will certainly impede with your chances for succeeding at whatever it may be you're wanting to accomplish. If instead of being positive, you play the victim role you're much more likely to remain in the act instead of breaking free of your artificial chains.
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