Come On Ladies Cover Up! Use a Bottle

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Breastfeeding in Public is No Problem

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It’s undeniable that breastfeeding a child is the single best food source you can provide your baby but is it acceptable for nursing mothers to feed their babies in public places? Or should a bottle be used in public?


Posted by in Other / Living on 7/13/12
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Sarah Forester - 7/26/12 @ 5:34 PM:
I breastfed in public many times, however I did always cover up and try not to draw too much attention to myself.

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DollyFan - 7/24/12 @ 12:44 AM:
I have no problem with public breast feeding. The woman should try to cover up, as there are public decency laws. And, us gay guys don't enjoy seeing breasts. Lol. Seriously, there are some people who need to mind their own business when somebody is doing something they don't like but it's not hurting anybody. This country is too embarrassed by the human body and sexuality. That's one of the reasons this country has problems with gays and lesbians. Love is love and nurturing another being is nurturing but some people can't see past the sexes of the individuals or the breasts, so it's considered bad. Yet,we see people hurt a child or abuse a spouse and we look the other way, so that we are not involved.

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LIBERAL - 7/13/12 @ 6:37 PM:
People need to grow up. I've seen many women doing this. It's a fact of life. Women cannot always run to a secluded place every time their child is hungry. That's just ridiculous. I agree 100% Ryan.
cutie122403 - 7/13/12 @ 10:35 PM: Ally | Side B
Did you just agree with only kidding.
LIBERAL - 7/14/12 @ 11:12 AM: Ally | Side B
LOL cutie. Yes we agreed on something. I hope Hell doesn't freeze over. ;-)

Side B Comment

The Boss - 7/13/12 @ 3:19 PM:
Breastfeeding moms need to be applauded not scorned for providing their babies the best start to their lives humanly possible. I will say that women should attempt to cover up and usually do but I do find it disturbing that there is such opposition to breastfeeding in public places. When a babies hungry you don't always have time or the ability to get somewhere discrete. Sure you can pump and bring frozen milk but some women can't keep up with the babies demand let alone produce enough to freeze and store.

Basically, you prude ass people need to get over yourselves!
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