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Which Beauty Product are you dedicated to?


Posted by in Business / Companies on 7/12/08
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Lovesmakeup - 3/11/09 @ 2:04 PM:
Depending on the exact product that you are using...Avon is usually better. I'm only 24 but I already use a lot of Avon's anti aging products. Obviously I don't see a difference in wrinkles because I had none to begin with, but I feel a difference in my skin. It's softer and smoother. I even noticed a difference in the dark circles under my eyes (and my little double chin underneath). I think Avon has really great products and not just with skin care and make up. I have bought toys and books for my son, fragrances for my husband, and gifts for family. I love Avon and will back it all the way!!!

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TigaBoo - 12/27/08 @ 8:09 PM:
Mr Kazinec you don't need prayers, you should be thankful that cutie is not spending thousands on plastic surgery every other year. She's using excellent products at a descent price. To stay beautiful and young looking to keep her and her man happy. And you are complaining why ?
The Boss - 1/7/09 @ 9:32 AM: Ally | Side A
Crystal, did you setup another account? j/k Tigaboo, I'm only half kidding when I give her a hard time about ordering Mary Kay products. I am indeed grateful that my beautiful wife wants to take care of herself.

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Ashley - 8/28/08 @ 4:30 PM:
I sell Mary of course I have to vote for this one! :0

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Olivia Newton - 8/4/08 @ 7:45 PM:
Mary Kay is an excellent product, much better for your skin than Avon.

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cutie122403 - 7/14/08 @ 12:15 AM:
Actually Ryan its time to order more. Haha.
The Boss - 7/14/08 @ 3:00 PM: Ally | Side A
Somebody shoot me.

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cutie122403 - 7/12/08 @ 10:46 PM:
I have used Mary Kay for several years now and I Love it!! I would never use anything else. I use the makeup, the lotions, the toner, the name it I have it. I am so dedicated. My mom has used Mary Kay since I can remember and looks great for her age. I recommend this product to anyone.
The Boss - 7/13/08 @ 9:34 AM: Ally | Side A
I would appreciate it if everyone would put me in their prayers, because this makeup is not cheap and Cutie is my wife. God help me.
cutie122403 - 7/13/08 @ 10:39 AM: Ally | Side A
Haha. It is great stuff and worth the money. If you look at other companies it's really not that expensive.
Dennis Plucinik - 7/13/08 @ 5:23 PM:
haha good luck bro
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