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Ever thought about it? Most would automatically say chicken, but really think about it!


Posted by in Health / Foods on 3/10/10

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cutie122403 - 2/15/11 @ 8:20 PM:
I love Turkey but it makes me too tired. We eat a lot of chicken in my house.

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TattedAngel - 3/12/10 @ 3:47 PM:
I love turkey, but it's not something I could eat all the time. Chicken, however, we eat at least a few tiems a week. :)

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Jeff - 3/10/10 @ 10:36 PM:
I love me some Chicken...I have a little song I like to sing "Chicken is good..Chicken is our Friend it good going out and taste good going in" lmao

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The Boss - 3/10/10 @ 10:04 PM:
Hands down Chicken. Turkey is great but wouldn't have the stay power that chicken does if it wasn't just a seasonal item. Plus, chicken doesn't make me tired.
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