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Unless you’re naïve you have to admit that Republicans will be gaining a majority in the House and possibly the Senate. When that takes place do you want the congress to repeal ObamaCare? Or should they leave it in place?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 9/16/10
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mama kaz - 10/12/10 @ 10:46 AM:
Obamacare must be repealed and most of us are already feeling the effects and understand why. We have just been notified that our insurance coverage will be costing us more than it ever has and there are more changes ahead that will force us out entirely if we are unable to repeal this disaster of a health care bill. I believe that was their plan all along. Obamacare will cripple the present insurance system until it is no longer sustainable. I have to give them credit, it was a well thought out plan that is working perfectly so far. It will take down insurance companies and force all of us into the same level of health care. That way we will all be equal in a nice socialist sort of way. Unfortunately, what most people don't understand, is that their new equal health care will be so inferior to what we had that they will long for the way it used to be.

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LIBERAL - 9/23/10 @ 10:42 AM:
Ryan I'm afraid you are incorrect. The last time a President had his own party in control of both houses of Congress was during the Bush administration from 2002-2006. In 2006 the republicans lost control of the senate, but later regained it in 2007, and kept it until 2008 when Democrats took the majority of both houses. It's funny that you make the comparison though between Obama and FDR considering that FDR's plans were received as about as well as Obama's. Historical note though. It was FDR's plans and implementation of those plans that brought this country out of the Great Depression and created hundreds of thousands of jobs for starving Americans. Perhaps we can look forward to similar results when we stop being so negative and judgmental about controversial programs that may in fact work. That's my two cents.

By the way Olivia, you are correct. Both Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine both said something similar. I believe Thomas Jefferson's statement was "Those are governed best who are governed least."
The Boss - 9/25/10 @ 7:52 AM: Rival | Side A
Thank you for correcting me; I threw my response together after driving ten hours to Florida so I didn't have time to fact check the timeline of power. This doesn't change the point I was making though; in that this kind of power has been attained in very recent history and aside from passing legislation like medicare part D(I think that's the one) in a very dirty midnight fashion and of course going to war; W's agenda and many previous presidents agendas pale in comparison to the change Obama has inflicted.

Your two cents will be evaluated as I've heard it both ways. As I have time I'm going to dive into the actual numbers from multiple sources to see where I stand on FDR's. I've learned quite a bit about him in the past, including visiting the little white house in Warms Springs, GA where he spent time with his mistress and soaked in the natural warm springs but regardless of the findings I will not support the printing and borrowing of money in an attempt to fill in a void of the economy. If the stimulus had actually been about getting people back to work I wouldn't have been as much of a critic of it. (I still wouldn't have liked it as it's burying our children with debt)

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Olivia Newton - 9/22/10 @ 11:08 AM:
As far as I'm concerned, and I admit I don't understand it completely, ObamaCare is simply another way for the government to control our lives. I agree with Benjamin Franklin (or what it Thomas Jefferson?) who said "The least governed is the best governed."
cutie122403 - 10/1/10 @ 1:35 AM: Ally | Side A
Olivia you understand correctly. That is a lot of what it is all about.

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Tomegun - 9/20/10 @ 2:47 PM:
Ryan, you are more politically savvy than I am so I want to ask you this: when was the last time Democrats or Republicans had this much control? When they had this much control, was there such a large movement to change things?
The Boss - 9/20/10 @ 3:02 PM: Rival | Side A
Hey Tom.
Great to hear from you.

I'm not sure I'm that political savvy as you'll see by my answer.

I am definitely more informed than I have ever been before but as I've confessed on multiple occasions I was one of the dumb sheep prior to the last couple of years. (I have MUCH to learn)

To answer your question I would say the last time this much power was possessed by one party was when Bush (W) had two years of control of the house and senate. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong)

Depending on what you mean by change I would say no the change and agenda pursued by President Obama is more aggressive than any president since FDR (We can also include Woodrow Wilson as well. A documented Racist). (Again I'm open to being corrected.)

The question can also be raised; has there ever been this much opposition to a president before and I'm not sure on the answer to that but what I can say is that it's the presidents agenda that has me more active in politics than I ever thought I would be. That's my two cents.
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