I Stand by him. Good for Congress.

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Alan Grayson is Unfit for Congress

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Watch the two videos below and then decide whether you believe Alan Grayson is fit to represent Floridians in the US congress. In his latest attack ad against his opponent Daniel Webster he calls him Taliban Dan. Is he suited for Congress?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 9/28/10

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mama kaz - 10/12/10 @ 10:32 AM:
He is crazy. I am so tired of these sleazy tactics by any and all politicians during elections. I want them to sick to the facts that pertain to the job. I wish they were required to leave all things personal out of it. I don't care if someone smoked weed and planted it it in their back yard when they were 20. I do care if they planted bombs and tried to blow up police stations. I don't care if they cheated on their wife. I only care if they cheated on their taxes. I will no longer vote for anyone who brings up candidates personal lives.

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The Boss - 9/28/10 @ 6:18 PM:
I've been watching this particular congressman for quite a while now. I actually commented on one of his video's on youtube thanking him (A Democrat) for asking Ben Bernanke the tough questions about the mischievous behaviors of the Federal Reserve but that is where my appreciation for Grayson ended. This guy is a lunatic and if he is re-elected it will make a loud statement about his constituents.

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The Boss - 9/28/10 @ 6:13 PM:
Here are the video's. Watch them both and you decide.

Here is Alan Grayson's attack ad which he is standing by.

Here is the context of Daniel Webster's comment about his wife and the bible.

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