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When you get that Facebook friend request from an ex boyfriend or girlfriend what do you do? Do you consult your partner prior to adding them or is it okay to add exes without getting the approval from your wife, husband, gf, or bf?


Posted by in Tech / Websites on 7/27/12
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DollyFan - 8/2/12 @ 4:38 AM:
Had this happen a couple of years ago and went right to Mike to get his feelings. Why hide it and cause an argument later. Those feelings for the ex have set sail a long time ago and there is nothing to hide, so why not talk about it. Being open to each other and communicating about even seemingly small issues has helped us make it almost 22 years, so it will continue.

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cutie122403 - 7/27/12 @ 7:43 PM:
I agree, honesty and communication are definitely two of the most important things in a relationship/marriage. I don't see anything wrong with adding past boyfriends/girlfriends so long as there are good intentions and honesty.

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Sarah Forester - 7/27/12 @ 7:39 PM:
Never had to deal with this. I would like to think we would consult each other, but honestly my only real ex boyfriend is my ex husband. =)

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LIBERAL - 7/27/12 @ 7:36 PM:
Honesty is always the best policy. Anything that concerns an ex of any kind should always be discussed. Otherwise you're simply inviting an awkward moment and future argument.

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The Boss - 7/27/12 @ 7:31 PM:
Most relationships break up due to money issues and or a lack of honesty in the relationship. Honesty and communication is key and without it you're doomed for failure. Be honest! That's my two cents
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