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A user has recently suggested that we only allow users to vote on comments after they have taken a side in the rivalry. The idea is that a user who hasn’t taken a side is not engaging in any discussion or debate. Thoughts? Opinions?

Posted by in Tech / Websites on 8/07/12
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Side B Comment

mama kaz - 9/21/12 @ 7:56 PM:
I'm back!!!! I think you can have opinions and lively discussion without picking a side. Sometimes I agree with certain points on both sides.

Side A Comment

DollyFan - 8/10/12 @ 6:35 AM:
Glad to hear it, Ryan. Will see what difference it makes but hopefully it will bring more participation in comments and voting a side, so am happy that all who voted felt that way. Commenting (debating) is how we try to change minds or at least expand minds, so am hoping this change will bring better results.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 8/9/12 @ 9:06 PM: Validated Ego
I wanted to let everyone know that the comment rating feature has been modified. JealousBrother users are now required to take a side in the rivalry prior to rating comments. Please closely monitor this for me and let me know if it makes a positive impact on the legitimacy of comment rating. If in the future we need to revisit this and make further changes I have no problem doing so.

Thanks as always for the wonderful suggestions and feedback. I've tested the feature for both side a and side b comments but haven't confirmed it for the neutral side as of yet. Do let me know if you notice any problems with the feature.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 8/8/12 @ 3:26 PM: Validated Ego
Well apparently this is a pretty one sided debate. I'll give it till tomorrow to see if any opposition forms and if not what will likely occur is a feature that requires a user taking sides in the rivalry. My gut tells me requiring a user to comment may go a little too far but we will monitor the situation after implementation. Thanks to EVERYONE for the wonderful feedback. Again, I will wait at least until tomorrow afternoon before modifying the code.

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 8/8/12 @ 3:08 PM:
I agree with everyone as well. I think you should have to participate more in the rivalry rather than just voting comments up and down for no real reason.

Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 8/8/12 @ 10:56 AM:
I really wish mamaKaz was able to put in her input more often. I love her comments. She always fired back and has offered great debates on this site. I wish I could see her participation more often.

Side A Comment

Sarah Forester - 8/8/12 @ 8:42 AM:
I agree with Rick.I personally would not vote up or down on anyone's comment if i did not feel strongly enough to take a side and comment on it myself, but that is just me. =)
LIBERAL - 8/8/12 @ 10:51 AM: Ally | Side A
Thanks Sarah. You know there have been times when I didn't necessarily agree with your position, but because you've made such a great argument I still voted your comments up. That's just how I operate. I really appreciate your input whether I agree with it or not.

Side A Comment

DollyFan - 8/8/12 @ 5:36 AM:
Since you listen, I'll always make suggestions where it seems warranted. And it's nice to know that if it's a suggestion that you agree with or don't agree with that you may put it out there to see how other users on the site feel about it. At least it gives all users a chance to give their input whether or not they take the time. Hopefully we'll see responses from others in this. I haven't seen mamakaz on here lately. I miss her!
The Boss - 8/8/12 @ 5:48 AM: Ally | Side A
Please do, and this website is for it's users not for me. So even if it's something I don't particularly like I can certainly be outvoted.

One example is the language filter in which I wasn't crazy about allowing foul language on the site. The arguments were there for both sides but in favor of freedom of speech and choice we met both sides in the middle. Instead of allowing full blown profanity to be broadcasted to the world I created an option that allowed users to turn off the profanity filter to show the cuss words and all their glory.

JealousBrother users will always play a big role in the future of the site and I wouldn't have it any other way.

You can thank Big Red (Verizon) for MamaKaz's absence. Just like At&t, when she started with them initially her internet worked great and then they dropped some tower leases and the signal went to hell. Verizon has done something with the 4g signal and her signal is so spotty her phones connectivity is horrible.

Side A Comment

DollyFan - 8/8/12 @ 4:09 AM:
First off, I want to say thanks for listening, Ryan. It's nice to know that a site owner pays so much attention to the participants of his site. Most can't say that.

I feel that this site is for debating issues. Debating means giving your input as to why you believe one way or the other on a particular issue. If all you are doing is voting other user's comments down, then you aren't really using the site for it's true purpose. I have no problem with someone disagreeing with myself (or Rick) but give us input and feedback as to why. So, as I've stated to you before, I believe that users should have to have picked a side in the rivalry in order to vote up or down on another user's comment. I also like the thought that if a user votes down a comment, they should be required to make a comment explaining why. I will be interested to see what one particular user has to say. Or will that person not make a comment and just vote my comment down, like usual.
The Boss - 8/8/12 @ 5:10 AM: Ally | Side A
You're very welcome DollyFan. While I'm very proud of what JealousBrother has evolved to, there will always be room for improvement and with that being said there are no better people to offer suggestions for improvement than those who actually participate on the website. Sometimes I get a little lost in the backend of the website staring at thousands of lines of code so receiving input from users who actually interact with the front end of the site is extremely valuable.

JealousBrother users will always have an open ear from me and as long as it's possible and makes sense I will do my best to address it. In the future I will be adding some kind of feature request/suggestion form to make it easier for users to offer suggestions.

While a particular user has apparently caused some grief and I understand and sympathize with the complaints I tend to look at the grief as a positive. This user has opened my eyes to several issues and loopholes in the site which in part is their intention and to some degree has made the site more secure and better for everyone. Not too mention each issue, item, feature I've created to counteract the exploits has not only made the site better has also furthered my abilities to address future issues. So in part I'm appreciative.

I guess what it boils down to is if an action is allowed on the website then I can't scorn a user for performing that action. So the question that will be answered in this rivalry is whether or not that action should be restricted to rivalry participants. I'll wait a couple more days before making a final decision on the matter and hope more people chime in to give me as much insight as possible. The changes would literally take no more than an hour to complete so it's not a question of whether it can be done only should it be done.
The Boss - 8/8/12 @ 5:13 AM: Ally | Side A
And Great input DollyFan. Thank You for making the suggestion.
Sarah Forester - 8/8/12 @ 8:44 AM: Ally | Side A
I agree, DollyFan!!
LIBERAL - 8/8/12 @ 10:48 AM: Ally | Side A
I wholeheartedly agree DollyFan. With all of your comments, and I'm especially in agreement with your first statements. It's very nice to see such involvement from the owners and developers of this website. You can see that Ryan really cares about it and those who participate.
cutie122403 - 8/8/12 @ 3:12 PM: Ally | Side A
Wow, very well said DollyFan!!

Side A Comment

The Boss - 8/7/12 @ 7:50 PM: Validated Ego
Great input Rick. Keep it coming everyone; we will look at all opinions and options before making a decision on how to handle this particular feature. Your input and participation is greatly appreciated.

Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 8/7/12 @ 7:13 PM:
I would even take it a step further and say that no one should be able to vote down comments until they have chosen a side and left at least one comment or reply. If you disagree or agree with someone then you should have to explain why you feel that way. Voting up or down someone's comments means nothing if you don't at least offer your comments supporting why you did in the first place.
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