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Some might argue that Google has become a monopoly with its popularity. Is this a fair criticism or do people just simply prefer Google because it’s a better service than that of Bing, Yahoo, etc…? Should Google be regulated?


Posted by in Tech / Websites on 6/13/12
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  1. LIBERAL (1 votes)

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Sarah Forester - 7/12/12 @ 3:26 PM:
I love me some google and if they could just work the kinks out of google chrome I would be a happy camper.

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LIBERAL - 7/12/12 @ 1:34 PM:
Well, despite the true definition of a monopoly, you can't ignore that their service and system is far beyond that of any other. When you're good...'re good. I doubt it would ever come to the point of regulation simply because many will still use Yahoo and Bing, and they undoubtedly realize they could never make such an argument among the courts. Besides, this is true capitalism at its best. Yahoo and Bing will simply have to step up their game. That's kind of the point of a free market really.

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The Boss - 6/13/12 @ 8:47 PM:
I'm sorry folks but Google has competition but everything Google does is better than it's counterparts. As a developer I would find it hard to believe someone would prefer Bings Webmaster tools to that of Google just as one example. Could they become a monopoly? Sure but they're not there yet. IMO
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