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It's Okay to Have an Uncovered Beard

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When you're dining out are you okay with a chef or cook having an uncovered full beard or should it be shaven or covered


Posted by in Health / Foods on 3/03/10

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mama kaz - 3/22/10 @ 9:58 AM:
If I find hair in my food I just pick it out and keep eating. It would take too long to send it back and get more and when I'm hungry, I'm hungry! Besides, I'd be more worried about somebody spitting in it when I sent it back.

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cutie122403 - 3/6/10 @ 10:51 AM:
It is completely unacceptable to have a nasty long beard cooking over someone else's food and to not have it covered. NASTY!

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The Boss - 3/3/10 @ 8:34 PM:
The food would have to be superb in order for me to forget about an uncovered beard. The way I look at it is certain jobs require certain appearance and dress code rules; a chef should be clean shaven IMO or at least have a covered beard at a bare minimum.
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