BigKaz's chicken parmesan!

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Everyone elses chicken parmesan

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Which is better?


Posted by in Health / Foods on 3/10/10

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gonzo - 1/16/11 @ 5:10 PM:
what about random lasagna?

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mama kaz - 3/22/10 @ 9:34 AM:
I'll take yours over mine any day. I tried to make it the other day but it was gross.

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TattedAngel - 3/12/10 @ 11:57 PM:
Tis good indeed!

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cutie122403 - 3/12/10 @ 8:01 PM:
Ryan makes the BEST chicken parmesan and I'm not saying that because I am married to him. I have said So many times that it is SO much better than anything at a restaurant. I Love when I come home and that's what he fixes for dinner.

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The Boss - 3/11/10 @ 5:55 AM:
Now that's a nice rivalry. lol. I certainly love my Chicken Parmesan.

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Jeff - 3/10/10 @ 10:46 PM:
Oh heck I know which is better cause I have had it and its good
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