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Deep Impact

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Two "space junk threatens to destroy earth" movies that came out in the same year. Your pick?


Posted by in Entertainment / Movies on 4/12/09
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manonfire - 6/6/09 @ 4:59 PM:
Armageddon was simply a stupid premise. An asteroid is going to hit the planet and kill everyone, so the best option is to send up... oil drillers? Um, yeah. And my doctor is the best to change the tires on my car.

@Aug: The kid climbed up the mountain and survived in Deep Impact. Not everyone would know they could do that, as would happen in real life. Also, at that point, there were TWO asteroids coming. The first would cause a huge tsunami (which is why the kid ended up on the mountain). The second and larger would cause the end of mankind (which was blown up by a scientific space group -- not oil drillers).

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Jeff - 4/13/09 @ 8:03 PM:
Im with Kaz one this one I like deep impact too just not as much

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AugTheCnqror - 4/13/09 @ 11:45 AM:
isn't deep impact the movie where they only could fit a few people in that shelter and is done by random drawing.....i remember thinking how nuts that would be, then at the end that kid from the "Lord of the Rings" saved himself by climbing up a hill/mountian thing. why didn't everyone else just do that?

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The Boss - 4/12/09 @ 4:05 PM:
Armageddon is one of my favorite movies. Michael Bay is the man!
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