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GOP Will Remain the Minority Party

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The Massachusetts win for the GOP (Scott Brown) has raised some questions. Will the GOP win Majority in 2010?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 1/20/10

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CHOW - 2/20/10 @ 1:23 AM:
It is likely that the party of Lincoln will make gains in 2010 (typically, the party not in the white house makes gains in the first mid-term election) But it is unlikely that they will have the impact that they had in 1994. Simply because, while they claimed [and likely meant, at the time] to be a party of change. Many of the republicans swept into office became of the same corrupt political stripe of those they were railing against. This time around, I suspect, you will see an electorate more focused on the actions in whom they have given their trust. In the end, only time will tell.
The Boss - 2/20/10 @ 9:58 AM: Ally | Side A
I was all of 13 years old during the 94 change in congress and obviously didn't pay any attention to politics at that time.

However, speaking personally in regards to what's changed in me over the last several years; I no longer care what letter resides by a candidates name.

Just as I drove my 94 Honda to DC to protest the monstrosity of a Health Care Bill the Democrats in the House proposed I'd drive my happy ass right back up there if a newly elected Republican failed to repeal the bill if it did eventually pass. No more party line ignorance or accepting mediocrity from me.

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mama kaz - 2/17/10 @ 10:13 AM:
Very well said Dollyfan! I too am sick of what our system has become. No one should vote straight party lines. We must educate ourselves about all candidates and propositions before voting. We have all become lazy!

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DollyFan - 2/9/10 @ 11:18 AM:
The Republicans will go back to a majority because Americans are tired of the same things year after year, election after election. Republicans AND Democrats just won't listen and make necessary changes. Everything that our country has gone thru in the past few years and still our politicians can't seem to agree on anything. I know...let's continue fighting against each party and not achieve anything that could really get achieved, if all worked togther. Part of the blame is on us citizens. we continue to vote some people back into office and thos politicians seem to think they should be a politician for life. That's not how our government was set up. They should serve their country, put in their ideas, achieve what needs achieved and then move back to civilian life and let the next group repeat the same process. That would give us fresh ideas and a better chance at getting things done. Instead, politicians are always worried about their next election and worry about that instead of what our great country needs. BIG problem with our government. Even the incompetent ones can end up staying in office for a long time.

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mama kaz - 2/9/10 @ 9:56 AM:
I believe the republicans will regain control but they had better start cleaning up their acts or they won't stay in control. The Republicans are as guilty as the Democrats for the mess we have now. It's not like they are the solution to the problems just because they aren't democrats. Democrats are always more radical which creates an escalation of problems very quickly. Republicans who get elected (or re elected) will have to change their ways or we're going to continue on a downward spiral. My hope is that more Independents will run for office and start filtering in to our government system. Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for losing control. They acted like 3 year olds in a candy shop with no supervision. We MUST demand fiscal and moral responsibility from our leaders in the future.
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