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Which of these shows do you think has the better talent.


Posted by in Entertainment / Music on 3/08/09

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Tomegun - 6/11/09 @ 8:15 AM:
Wow, I need to count how many rivalries Obama is mentioned in that have nothing to do with him. I know many of you live in TN, but it has to be AI all the way. Actually, I think "So You Think You Can Dance" is better than AI. AI is a popularity contest with singing as the backdrop.

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DollyFan - 5/17/09 @ 10:01 AM:
I like both but never miss AI and don't always see NS, so that tells me which is better.

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mama kaz - 3/18/09 @ 10:48 PM:
We really enjoy watching American Idol and we wish Obama would stop hogging the #1 time slot for his too frequent speeches. Why can't he speak on Saturday or Sunday night when there's nothing on anyway??? Oh, I forgot. He's a rock star.

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AugTheCnqror - 3/18/09 @ 12:12 PM:
Nashville what?!?!......yeah its that lame, and i like country music, but that show is whats wrong with country music, and whats destroying its future. country just sounds like pop crap these days, give me Merle, The Possom, Mcgraw, Jackson, Jim Reed, Scruggs, Scaggs, Twitty, Chet Atkins....Big Rich, and the rest of tools are selling out country music. I wipe my butt with Nashville Star(spit)

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cutie122403 - 3/9/09 @ 12:33 PM:
I just couldn't get into Nashville Star. I love American Idol but I am honestly not thrilled about it this year. There are maybe one or two that I like this year. Great rivalry by the way!

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Jeff - 3/8/09 @ 11:01 PM:
I like Nashville star 100% better there's just something about Idol I just don't care for.
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