Stand in Protest. Vote for No One

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Vote for the Lesser of the Evils

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Time and time again we are forced to choose between the less of two, three, or four evils when choosing who to elect into powerful political positions. Is it better to vote for the lesser of the evils or should you vote for no one?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 8/02/10

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mama kaz - 8/19/10 @ 8:45 PM:
Sometimes voting feels so futile but not voting feels worse than that. Not voting at all is giving up and that feels hopeless. I never give up all hope because then you might as well stop breathing.

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Jeff - 8/6/10 @ 11:34 PM:
I was asked one time why I didn't vote or care who ran for office and I told them "It didn't matter cause they all suck"

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lynx55 - 8/4/10 @ 10:50 PM:
Voting is a right , that if unused may cease to exist. I feel it is our duty. One of the choices IS going to win, so you might as well find the one with some good points to vote for!

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The Boss - 8/2/10 @ 12:46 PM:
This article by Matt Collins was the motivation for this rivalry. The question he raises is specific to the Tennessee Governors race but certainly can be applied to any political race.
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