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Realistically the next two elections in the US (2010 and 2012) will have the largest number of informed voters in quite some time. What would you prefer the uninformed or Ignorant voters do; Should they stay at home or vote regardless?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 7/16/10
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mama kaz - 7/23/10 @ 12:31 PM:
Idiots voting for idiots. That's what we got in the last election. Please stay home if you don't do your homework...

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Olivia Newton - 7/21/10 @ 8:28 PM:
I agree with Mr. Kazinec. How the heck can we vote intelligently when most of the names on the ballot are unknown to us? I inform myself as much as possible before I go into the booth, but if I have no clue who the folks are, I don't vote for any of them. It' surprising at the number of candidates who don't make their views easily available! I want to know what political experience they have had, what they voted for/against in the past, etc. I don't care one bit how many children they have, where they go to church or what social club they belong to!I think the candidates need to have town hall meetings in their district to make their promises about what they intend to do if elected! Most people I know would attend those meetings, especially now when educated electors are on the rise. The rule should be: If you haven't prepared yourself with information, don't vote! OK, I'll get off my soap box now!

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The Boss - 7/18/10 @ 9:14 PM:
Something that really irritates me with our local elections is the absolute lack of information about the candidates. Only three or four candidates have a website or social profile with any information about their views, political stance, etc...

How many people are going to do research beyond what's available on the internet? I plan on calling one of the mayoral candidates because he doesn't have a website and after speaking with a local lady with one of his shirts on she provided me with his number to call him.

It really is inexcusable to not have a website when your running for office. Come on Madisonville...Monroe county.

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cutie122403 - 7/17/10 @ 12:14 AM:
GREAT Rivalry Mr. Kazinec.

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cutie122403 - 7/17/10 @ 12:13 AM:
If you can't take the time to watch the news and educate yourself, please for the rest of us stay at home!

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Sarah - 7/16/10 @ 9:49 PM:
why should people vote without even knowing what they're voting for? That's part of what gets this country into so much trouble.
"Oh, this candidate is in my party, let's vote for him/her"
"But... they said they would start a 3rd world war and exterminate all who disagree with them"
"So, it's my party and I'm sticking with it. besides, I haven't heard anything about that!"

Thank you, uninformed voter, you started WWIII.

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The Boss - 7/16/10 @ 7:32 PM:
Voting down party lines or for candidates you know nothing about is unacceptable. I'm guilty of doing both in the past and will never be an ignorant voter again. If you don't care enough to learn about who and what you are voting for please stay home.
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