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The search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing have joined forces in supporting a universal way of adding markup to website’s to bridge the gap between bots and humans (schema.org). However, W3C did it first with RDFa. What format survives?

Posted by in Tech / Internet on 2/24/12
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Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 3/6/12 @ 5:41 PM:
Not that I agree with their tactics, but what you have to consider is that Google and others are just too big to fail at this point. I just don't use Google.
The Boss - 3/7/12 @ 9:05 AM: Ally | Side B
When you're a website owner not using Google is not an option but I can certainly respect that course of action.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 2/24/12 @ 3:47 PM:
It's difficult to imagine the big three search engines joining forces and not coming out on top. I guess the better question would be, why didn't they just embrace what was already there? Was it a lack of control or influence over the guidelines and structure?

Numero Uno - 3/11/12 @ 12:36 PM:
Hands down Google will win out. That's my opinion at least.
The Boss - 3/11/12 @ 12:37 PM: Ally | Side B
You're probably right Numero Uno.
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