Nancy Pelosi Knew About the Torture

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Nancy Pelosi Didn't Know About it

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Pelosi seems to be between a rock and a hard place. Did she know about the waterboarding/torture?


Posted by in Politics / News on 5/14/09

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mama kaz - 5/17/09 @ 9:57 PM:
Nancy Pelosi is lying and that's pretty obvious. All the lying is bad but what I really detest is the way she wastes taxpayer money requesting military escorts and other special treatment. Even worse is how drunk she is on power and how everything she does is directed at getting more power. The more power she gets the scarier she gets.

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Ripi - 5/15/09 @ 11:22 PM:
Of course she knew. She said a staff member had been brief. why would some subordinate be briefed and not her. This is the way our politicians are, lying sob's.
The Boss - 5/16/09 @ 5:02 AM: Ally | Side A
Amen! Ripi. Couldn't agree more. Watching Pelosi's press conferences reminded me of when I was a young boy. Back when I was lying through my teeth in an attempt to avoid getting in trouble I would stutter, make strange gestures, and as a last resort, I'd blame someone else. lmao. She's a kid.

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Natalie - 5/15/09 @ 10:43 PM:
I am not sure anymore...she might have known and the CIA might have not told her enough information to make a good judgment call.

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The Boss - 5/14/09 @ 2:07 PM:
This woman is pure evil. You can see the addiction to power she has in her eyes. She absolutely knew about it and I hope she loses her thrown. You wicked witch.
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