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Which Verizon phone is the better phone? Apple Iphone 4 or the Motorola Dorid X?


Posted by in Tech / Gadgets on 1/19/11

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gonzo - 1/19/11 @ 9:17 AM:
I just heard there is an iPhone 5 coming out???? i may just have to wait till June to feast upon my fruit.

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The Boss - 1/19/11 @ 5:18 AM:
Considering I've never owned an Apple product my opinion is rather biased but I'd go for the Droid but I would understand if the forbidden fruit of the iphone that has only been known to the @%@#@% network of At&t now being available on Verizons solid network is desirable; I say eat upon the fruit young lad.

Side A Comment

gonzo - 1/19/11 @ 1:48 AM:
More importantly which one should i get....
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