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which phone provides the best overall satisfaction to the consumer?


Posted by in Tech / Gadgets on 9/23/11
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  1. Sarah Forester (1 votes)
  1. The Boss (1 votes)

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Neutral Comment

Sarah Forester - 9/23/11 @ 9:19 PM:
I will stick with my HTC! =)so i vote neutral.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 9/23/11 @ 8:16 PM:
I would like to have one of these phones but then on the other hand I saw someone drop an iphone the other day and it made me happy that I didn't have an expensive phone.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 9/23/11 @ 7:26 PM:
Sorry junior... These phones aren't even in the same playing field. My Bionic and it's hdmi beauty, docking options, and pure sexiness wins hands down.

Oh, and I'm rocking my Droid Bionic with Unlimited data and I'm tearing it up.

Side A Comment

big ben - 9/23/11 @ 5:50 PM:
CNET gave the mesmerize rave reviews. The bionic has more features but it just can't weigh up to US Cellulars highest quality phones. US Cellular has a very rock solid network which is arguably the strongest in the nation. They are the only provider who will get you this phone. They also have much better rates than verizon.(5gig compared to 4 gig verizon) The bionic may have the edge on the 4g, but that is can you get 4g. I looked on many coverage maps and you have to be hopping on one foot and touching your nose to find 4g. The bionic is also new to the market. You know how it goes with new products. There are revisions because, why? Yes, because they have to get the kinks out.
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