Equipment Attached To Flight 175?

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Was Extra Equipment Attached To Flight 175 or is this just another flawed conspiracy theory?


Posted by in Other / Other on 12/13/09
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TNinfidel - 1/17/10 @ 11:54 AM:
That first picture is a jet being refueled using a single-point nozzle. This is how all commercial jets and all jets equipped with this system are fueled. Many airports as the one shown is this photo have fuel supply pipes that run underground allowing the aircraft to be fueled without having to use tanker trucks. The cart in this photo contains a pump and hose to deliver Jet A to aircraft. Jet A is basically refined kerosene.
The Boss - 1/17/10 @ 7:04 PM: Rival | Side A
The picture is just being used as an illustration of a jet. If there was a picture of the extra equipment on the jet in question there wouldn't be any debate, except for maybe whether or not the image was doctored.

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The Boss - 12/19/09 @ 7:57 PM:

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Jeff - 12/15/09 @ 9:31 PM:
I tried to add the video but couldnt figure it out lol par normal for me.I've watched this over and over and you can see the flash and then the hit and I sit here thinking omg why would we do that,would we do that just to give a reason to go to war or what ever reason they might have had.
The Boss - 12/19/09 @ 8:47 PM: Ally | Side A
I added the video link Jeff. Nothing would surprise me at this point. Our government is so corrupt and has been for many many years it is nauseating.

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Jeff - 12/13/09 @ 10:27 PM:
-1 heres the video watch it and see what you think.
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