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Motorola has decided to release two very powerful androids very close together. The razr has a sleeker design with a tougher shell, a more powerful dual core cpu but does the permanent battery affect your decision? Bionic or Razr?


Posted by in Tech / Devices on 11/13/11
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The Boss - 11/13/11 @ 10:36 AM:
I'm not just taking this side because I own the Bionic but the non-replaceable battery is what sealed the deal for me. Sure the Bionic has had A Lot of issues but I'm going to stay optimistic and hope that Motorola corrects these problems with the upcoming OTA update. I also hope they release the update much sooner than the end of the 60 day time frame they previously gave.

Numero Uno - 3/7/12 @ 6:44 PM: Rival | Side B
Droid Bionic is total Garbage!
The Boss - 3/7/12 @ 6:45 PM: Ally | Side A
Unfortunately I can't disagree with you. I gave my wife my Bionic and upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung.
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