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Who do you like better? The St Louis Cardinals or the windy city Cubs?


Posted by in Sports / Baseball on 9/11/08

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mama kaz - 2/6/09 @ 9:07 PM:
I grew up in Kansas and remember my grandpa falling asleep (snoring) in front of the tv during cardinal games. If you touched the dial he would spring to life before you could change the channel and say, "hey, I'm watching that." Consequently, I have a fond affection for the cards and always will. I was proud to have a cards fan in my family (Mr Kazinec) and will always remember the day he walked up to Whitey Herzog and asked for his autograph. Whitey happily complied.

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Jeff - 1/10/09 @ 11:34 AM:
better late than never lol

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The Boss - 9/11/08 @ 2:53 PM:
I honestly don't follow either team but when I was a kid I loved the Cardinals. I would go to games with my family when they played the SF Giants at candlestick park and would be all decked out in my Cardinal attire with my family wearing Giants gear.
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