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What's your favorite website to find the best bargain?


Posted by in Tech / Companies on 12/12/08

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Dennis Plucinik - 12/28/08 @ 7:11 PM:
craigslist = prostitutes
The Boss - 12/28/08 @ 7:44 PM: Rival | Side A
There's some good finds on Craigslist though. Dennis, you need to stay out of the promiscuous sections. lol

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Ripi - 12/12/08 @ 10:02 PM:
eBay is more convenient=>shipped to your door.
Craigs List=> you have to drive to go get it.

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The Boss - 12/12/08 @ 9:15 PM:
Don't get me wrong I like Craigslist but there is no protection whatsoever on Craigslist. Ebay may be a rip off but at least there are some guarantees.
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