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Is Monster Brand all its cracked up to be?


Posted by in Tech / Other on 5/12/08

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Indie_Eric - 12/18/08 @ 2:22 AM:
actually even short cables are subject to interference. I don't use monster but DPTN same price but better insulation and plating. And i can tell the difference i have no silent static in my home speaker system compared to before when i just used generic.
The Boss - 12/18/08 @ 8:15 AM: Rival | Side B
I agree to some degree. I noticed a significant difference when I went from generic to monster hdmi cables but noticed the same clarity when I purchased high quality generic cables from monoprice. If the price is reasonable I'll go with quality and brand recognition.

Side B Comment

mikka - 9/22/08 @ 9:25 PM:
generic is perfect. ONly reason I might consider buying more expensive cable would be if I needed a super long extension - I guess over distance the more expensive cables might have less interference.

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BigT - 5/16/08 @ 1:59 PM:
0 Great cables for good price. I've ordered for work and for home from then and they haven't let me down.

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The Boss - 5/15/08 @ 8:02 PM:
Monster is priced way too high. I only buy Monster products when they are at discount prices. Example: $400.00 reference center for $120.00. I swooped on that deal.
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