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The Boss wrote on 4/26/10
Thank You Nick. I greatly appreciate the compliment. I've got some exciting news for you by the way. The Sunday before last we found out that Crystal is pregnant. Very exciting yet nerve wracking; I know you can relate. Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for checking the site out again.
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The Boss wrote on 3/08/09
Hey Nick, your son is adorable my friend. How's everything going out in Oak Ridge?
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The Boss wrote on 8/18/08
lol, No I was talking about like five months ago when you were on here.
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nickd67 wrote on 8/18/08
Transformation is fantastic since the last I was on. Talking about Monday, see you then, actually Monday is actually almost over now.
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The Boss wrote on 8/15/08
What are your thoughts on the transformation? You were last on here when there was hardly anything.
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The Boss wrote on 8/15/08
Glad to see you got back on here. Hope all is well and I'll see you on Monday.
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