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The Boss wrote on 10/20/08
Welcome to JealousBrother. Don't worry, the big election will be over soon and you'll see a lot less of the candidates at that point. Hope you enjoy the site and if you have any questions or comments please let me know.
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PUMAPACNC08 wrote on 10/20/08
Glad To Be Here!
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PUMAPACNC08 wrote on 10/20/08
Someone Please Tell Me Why Is Mr Obama All Over My Computer,If I Have To Look At This Guy My Entire Stay At This Blog (YIPPE KYEEEEEEYYYYY)I'll Wait Until Morning For Response Right Now I'm Going To BED!Glad I Found This Site,I Think
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PUMAPACNC08 wrote on 10/20/08
That's Strange Invisible Typo,I Like That Now If I Can Only See What The He!! I'm Doing I'll Be Straight
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