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cutie122403 wrote on 11/28/08
Ok good :-) We had a great thanksgiving, did you? I am glad that black Friday is over.
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cutie122403 wrote on 11/24/08
Sorry, I just looked at my profile and I hadn't approved your request yet. Let me know If I I'm showing up on your friends list now.
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cutie122403 wrote on 11/24/08
Hey that's ok. Thanks for checking it out. Yeah if everything works out I should be starting in January. It is something I have always desired to do. My grandmother was a home health nurse. We are doing good just working a lot. How are you?
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The Boss wrote on 11/22/08
Hey Krita,
Thanks for checking the site out. Everything is good out here, just busy and hectic much like you life from the sounds of it. Congrats on your nursing degree! Crystal wants to be an RN as well and she is planning on starting college in Jan. I don't know if I told you but I finally finished my Associates degree and it only took six years. I'll tell everyone you said hello and please give your mom and Dana a big hug for me. (Mom has a profile on JealousBrother and is actually on it frequently)I miss all of you guys. Some day Crystal and I plan on making it back out to CA and we'll make sure we all get together. Thanks again for checking things out and good luck with your RN degree. We'll talk to you soon. FYI, you can send private messages and modify sections of your profile with html.
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