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  • Jana Banana - 6/19/08 @ 8:52 PM
    so this is the way i look at it. ive lived in both places. and i love the mountains. and i love the beach. but the beach is mor appreciated because you have to drive to see it. usually when you live up north your surrounded by the mountains and they are less appreciated because you see them EVERYWHERE. im also a florida girl so my opinion is a little biased. :]
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  • cutie122403 - 6/19/08 @ 7:27 PM
    I used to think that texting was stupid. I couldn't understand why people just didn't pick up the phone and call. That us until I got texting and I am the text queen. I hardly even use my email.
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  • cutie122403 - 6/19/08 @ 7:24 PM
    There is nothing wrong with a full head of hair but I think a bald-shaved head is SO sexy. I love the way it feels. Definitely Sexy. If I could have either one I would pick a bald man over one that has a full head of hair. It seems to be the new thing now.
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  • cutie122403 - 6/19/08 @ 7:20 PM
    I would rather be thin and petite. You can be thin and still have some meat. I think right in the middle of these two would be perfect. Some meat is definitely healthy.
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  • gonzo - 6/19/08 @ 6:22 PM
    the village screwed it up for me. I will never go to a theater and watch a m night movie ever again. what a dumb idea that was.
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