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  • Kazzy - 6/23/08 @ 10:19 PM
    Nothing makes me more sick than multi millionaires with little to no talent telling me how to live my life. However, I would beat the living @@%# out of any douche bag chasing me with a camera.
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  • B-Mac! - 6/23/08 @ 6:51 PM
    well i'm not saying i want a dang goodyear blimp either. healthy curvy, not obese curvy. i mean girls think the same about guys don't wanna damn stick and dont' wanna freaking blubber ball
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  • gonzo - 6/22/08 @ 10:14 PM
    Cats are to up tight. Dogs always wanna have fun and play. Litter boxes stink to man its horrible. And why do the have hair on thier tounges. Eew I'll take roxy any day.
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  • cutie122403 - 6/22/08 @ 9:20 PM
    I have two dogs of my own and I Love them! I am not really crazy about cats. I don't think they are as sociable as dogs and plus I am allergic to them. It seems like they just want to be fed and left alone.
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  • gonzo - 6/22/08 @ 7:59 PM
    I'm amazed they even have a walmart where I live. Ive seen a car worth more then I'll ever see in my life. Only in orange county.
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