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Seeing how the 49ers and Ravens had some late game screw ups with a botched 32 yard field goal and a overtime fumble who is going to win the Super Bowl? Tom Brady and the New England Patriots or Eli Manning and the New York Giants?


Posted by in Sports / Football on 1/23/12
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Side A Comment

Jeff - 2/3/12 @ 7:38 PM:
Im with you my brother

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 1/25/12 @ 1:42 AM:
LOL. Go figure that I would vote for the Patriots this year, or that I would vote for them at all. I am voting for the Patriots only for two reasons.

1. Tom Brady is hands down the best quarterback in the NFL right now. As a Cowboys fan it's hard to admit that, but it's just the plain ugly truth.

2. I cannot stand Eli Manning or the Giants. How in God's name they managed to beat the 49er's is beyond me. Oh no it's not. It was pure dumb luck in the 4th quarter!!!!

GO PATS!!!!!
LIBERAL - 1/25/12 @ 1:52 AM: Ally | Side B
Before anyone comments I am fully aware that this particular game went into overtime, but the event to which I am referring to took place in the 4th quarter. (Fumble and subsequent game tying touchdown)
The Boss - 1/25/12 @ 9:02 AM: Rival | Side A
While I don't share in your dislike for Eli Manning (That's how I feel about Brady) I do have to admit that is one hell of a qb; there is no denying that.

Neutral Comment

Sarah Forester - 1/23/12 @ 4:32 PM:
can this heart broken forever fan of the 49ers vote NEITHER!! Was really hoping for a change up this year. same old same old. I have always liked the Giants and even though they "beat" (i use that term lightly) my team i will probably go for them.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 1/23/12 @ 4:23 PM:
While I'm not overly excited about the super bowl this year I will always root for whoever is playing against the Patriots.
The Boss - 2/7/12 @ 11:00 PM: Ally | Side A
Looks like I was right. That happens rather frequently.
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