UFOs are imaginary objects.

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UFOs appear from another dimension,

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I'm a certified MUFON investigator, and I have read and studied just about every theory that is offered. As more evidence becomes available I may very well change my mind, but at the present time I think UFOs are inter-dimensional, having been seen and reported since medieval days.


Posted by in Science / Other on 10/23/08
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Olivia Newton - 1/2/09 @ 12:50 PM:
I believe UFOs are from another dimension, without any question. Although we are not allowed to see the proof of them, too many sightings by qualified and intelligent people make it impossible for me to believe they are our imagination. Mama Kaz, what do you mean by 'why am I over there?'?

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ioneill - 11/2/08 @ 7:00 PM:
I don't believe UFOs came from another dimension, but I do believe "unidentified flying objects" exist. More "government projects" or "unidentified aircraft" than visiting aliens though...

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cutie122403 - 10/26/08 @ 11:35 PM:
I believe that there are many things out there that none of us will ever be able to explain.

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mama kaz - 10/26/08 @ 9:22 PM:
Olivia! What are you doing over there? I believe there are UFO's. I don't think they are driven by little green people but I hope to never find out for sure. I keep an aluminum foil hat around just in case they show up at my house.
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