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JealousBrother Changes aren’t Good.

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If you regularly visit JealousBrother you’ve probably noticed some significant changes lately. More important than that; what do you think? Are we headed in the right direction or are the changes something you’re not fond of ?


Posted by in Tech / Websites on 4/25/11
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Jeff - 4/28/11 @ 7:28 PM:
Really liking the new stuff my friend and the neutral side is great I always had a hard time picking a side and that made it so much easier for me kodos to you my friend!
The Boss - 4/28/11 @ 9:57 PM: Ally | Side A
Thank You Jeff! I agree, the neutral side was long over due.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 4/25/11 @ 9:56 PM:
A quick list of things that have been changed on the site.

1.) Header and logo have been reduced in size to allow for more room for the main content. We've also added a new search bar and styling for other elements within the header.

2.) Top Rivalry, trophy, banner, etc.. has been removed.

3.) We've added a rivalry navigation menu where you can now view Top Rivalries, Popular Rivalries, and Upcoming Rivalries (You may not notice a huge difference between top rivalries and upcoming; this will change as more rivalries are added each day.)

4.) We've changed the People Page where you can now browse through the JealousBrother users.

5.) We've added a Neutral side to the rivalries so you can take a middle ground and comment without having to take one side or the other. This is important for rivalries that have two VERY different extremes where some users may not feel comfortable taking a side just to add a comment.

You can view the Neutral side fans by clicking on the view link within the Neutral fans header.

6.) We've added a Block User feature so you can decide what kind of experience you have on JealousBrother. While some users love intense argumentative debates other users may not. Now you have the choice. (This feature is still in the testing phase but is live on the site. Please let me know if you have any issues with it)

Closing: There are plenty of other changes that have been made and even more on the slate for future development (Including a family filter option that will give you the choice of censoring very foul words on the site instead of site doing it by default) and we are always open to suggestions for future features. Thank you all for you support. It means a great deal to us that you spend some of your time on our website.

Ryan Kazinec
Founder of JealousBrother.com
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