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breaking dawn

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i love breaking dawn and twilight they r the BEST but pick your favorite of the 2.


Posted by in Images / Shocking on 5/10/09

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DollyFan - 7/15/09 @ 7:47 PM:
I think the first book, Twilight, was great and set up the story in a great way but do think the second book, New Dawn, is better.
DollyFan - 7/19/09 @ 10:14 AM: Ally | Side B
Went to see Bruno last night and saw the poster for "New Dawn"! I can't wait!

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mama kaz - 5/17/09 @ 10:34 PM:
I love any book that encourages people to read. Books are the best way to stretch your mind and your imagination.

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cutie122403 - 5/10/09 @ 1:36 PM:
I have never heard of breaking dawn but I love Twilight and started reading the book. It's very similar to the movie.
*lil_smarty* - 5/11/09 @ 12:44 PM: Rival | Side B
yes yes it is lol i love the book(s) and the movie

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*lil_smarty* - 5/10/09 @ 9:38 AM:
i love both books (i made this one)
The Boss - 5/10/09 @ 10:36 AM:
I haven't read either but the movie was great.
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