Tomas Lopez. Should he keep his job?

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You're fired!!!

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Lifeguard Tomas Lopez was told "He's drowning! He's drowning!" He ran 1,500 feet beyond his company's designated "swim" boundary to save a man from drowning! His reward? He was promptly fired for violating policy issues. Right or wrong?

Posted by in World / News on 7/05/12
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DollyFan - 7/24/12 @ 12:48 AM:
Not many voted on this one but can't see that anyone would agree that he should have been fired!

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The Boss - 7/6/12 @ 7:07 AM:
I hadn't heard about this but that's absurd. I'm not sure i d want to stay with an employer who fired me for saving a life.
LIBERAL - 7/6/12 @ 11:06 AM: Ally | Side A
Even if it were company policy, give the man a slap on the wrist and one on the back, but you fire him because he helped to save the life of another human being? Policy or not, that's just wrong in my book.

Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 7/5/12 @ 1:11 PM:
He ran outside the boundary of his company's "protection" zone to save a man's life. How was he rewarded for his heroism and bravery? He was fired. Yep. That's right. For saving a man's life he got exactly what he deserved? What do you think?
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