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Unfair Penalty 4 Recruitment Offense

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After years of investigations the University of Southern California is about to lose 30 scholarships and won’t see any post-season play for two years. Is this too stiff of a penalty imposed on the USC Trojans or did the NCAA get it right?


Posted by in Sports / Football on 6/10/10

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mama kaz - 6/10/10 @ 5:14 PM:
Karma. We've already seen what Lane Kiffin is all about and I am not at all surprised by this. I'm glad they are getting tougher because we don't set a very good example for our young people when we cheat to win.

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The Boss - 6/10/10 @ 4:54 PM:
I must admit that I find it hysterical that Karma has bitten Lane Kiffin right in the ass. After burning Tennessee after one mediocre season to go and coach for USC he is now incapable of playing in any bowl games and is losing a scholarships. Karma is a %$%#@#%

If the NCAA found that USC had violated recruitment and funding rules then I applaud them for throwing the book at the school. You cheat, you pay.
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