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Should collecting public welfare (Food Stamps, Unemployment, Medicare, Medicaid, etc..) come with negative stigmas?


Posted by in Other / Living on 12/19/09

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TWEnty - 5/20/10 @ 12:18 AM:
You people that say that their should be a negative stigma are ignorant.

My Mother received food stamps, welfare and child support when I was growing up because she was unable to work. My entire family looked down upon her and called her lazy.

Now after all this time the Doctors finally figured out what was wrong with her and said that due to her illness she would have been in chronic pain all these years and that getting out of bed would be a hard task for her.

She def. wasn't faking, and yet, she was accused of it my whole life.

My point is you should be ashamed of yourself. Far more people need the system than don't.

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mama kaz - 12/27/09 @ 9:30 PM:
There used to be stigmas attached to welfare and back then people viewed it as a temporary situation instead of a way of life. Twenty years ago there were still county hospitals and clinics that you had to use if you were on govt health care. The care was not as good as paid health care and people weren't standing in line to get it. They were trying to find jobs so they could get paid health coverage. Now you can make a good living by living off the taxpayers. We need some SERIOUS reform.

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Tomegun - 12/23/09 @ 1:28 PM:
You guys are asking for government to take a hard line with people and that just isn't the way the world works today. Maybe it should be called "Get Welfare" and it lasts for a set amount of time max. Give each person a set amount lasting two years. If they pick themselves up after a year give them the rest in a lump sum. But that is all they are going to get. Require vocational rehab while they are getting welfare or else it stops.

We should use some of our creativity to save money and strengthen the workforce.

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Jeff - 12/22/09 @ 5:57 PM:
See thats what Im saying taking advantage of the system theres people who really truely need aide but then theres those who ride the system as long as they can just saying its not fair to those who need it cant get it and those who dont really need can get it at the drop of a dime.

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Tomegun - 12/22/09 @ 11:59 AM:
You guys are really brutal with this one! Yes, I think there should be welfare reform (pun intended), but those who really need it shouldn't be looked at negatively.

I also think there should be child support reform too. Talking about these things aren't PC so people leave them alone, but there is a problem because people take advantage of the system and sit on their butts.
The Boss - 12/22/09 @ 7:09 PM: Rival | Side A
I honestly don't think we're too far from sharing a similar view on this one. Welfare is absolutely needed!(Should be left up to the state though) However, public welfare should NEVER be permanent. Unless you are unable to physically work then there should be strict time restraints put into place. Far too many people game the system.

However, if there isn't a negative stigma and no time line for how long someone can collect items such as food stamps then what is their motivation to get a job to provide for themselves?

So I can certainly agree at a bare minimum there needs to be reform but I truly doubt our current government will reform it in a way to make it more solvent with stricter requirements and guidelines.

This may be a stretch but back before I was born when men were the primary bread winners wasn't it shameful to be unemployed? Almost embarrassing. The negative stigma of being out of work was more than enough motivation to drive most people to work tirelessly to find employment.

Currently there are a lot of people unemployed and are having a difficult time finding work but there is a large amount of people that are looking at layoffs as a much needed break from work. Meaning I know of many people who are sitting back and collecting unemployment while making little to no effort to find employment. And that makes me sick.

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Jeff - 12/21/09 @ 9:54 PM:
Not saying people dont need help like single parents,but when you see a person go out and get in a really nice car and pay for things with food stamps makes you go hmmmm, and those who need aide cant get it and those who dont need can walk right in and walk out with it its just beyond me.
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