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Has the usefulness of the Electoral College run its course? Should the President be elected simply by the majority or should we still depend upon the Electoral College to determine our nation's highest office?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 9/01/12
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mama kaz - 9/21/12 @ 7:35 PM:
I don't like the electoral vote. I don't think there is a perfect solution to this problem but I do think the person getting the most votes should be declared the winner.

Side B Comment

PowerOfChoic - 9/13/12 @ 2:56 PM:

ELECTORAL COLLEGE!!! Our fore fathers were smart and knew potentially popular vote would lead to becoming a Democracy instead of the Republic they established. Democracy allows majority to infringe or violate the rights of others and end in failure as a government. With a popular vote our Presidential candidates would cater to urban development vs. best interest for overall country. With popular vote your candidates would only campaign in large cities where majority of citizens live and not in rural areas where citizens are few between. With popular vote your President would be elected by citizens concerned only with large city issues and not any other conservation or rural issues. There should be NO Amendments to change this provision which has survived so well for over 200 years as the most fair and equitable representation of the people.

This video shows why our government is a REPUBLIC and gives ideas at the end of the video on why we are where we are today in a MESS. It is a great short video which all citizens should take a few minutes to watch.

LIBERAL - 9/14/12 @ 6:38 AM: Rival | Side A
I'm afraid you are mistaken. This country IS a democracy, whether it may have been conceived as a Republic in the beginning is still very debateable. Regardless, it is now a democracy, and has been for quite some time. Bills become laws by simple majorities in both the House and Senate as long as the President does not veto the bill. Only then does it require a 2/3 majority in both houses of Congress. Either way it does not and has never protected in any way shape or form the will of the minority. Serving the will of the majority whilst still protecting the minority is the quintessential definition of a Republic. That being said the American government has never worked as a Republic, but rather as the Democracy for which we all know it to be. Your argument that Popular votes would favor only large cities or populations is completely unfounded. If that were true the popular vote would not often mirror the vote of the electoral college excepting a few cases where it did not. For example the election of 2000 where the Electoral votes were rewarded to Bush effectively handing him the Presidency and ignoring the popular vote which showed Gore winning the election by just over 500,000 votes. An Amendment should be drafted soon and enacted into law. It is high time we dispose of this incongruous mechanism in order to serve the true purpose of the people.


Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 9/1/12 @ 5:55 AM:
At the time of the birth of our nation many of our forefathers thought that the use of an Electoral College was necessary to wisely electing the right individual for President and Vice-President of the United States, and they may have been right, but times have changed. For the most part through an informed citizenry the popular vote has changed to reflect the outcome of the Electoral vote in almost every election since the early 1900's... ...save one. It is now apparent that the will of the majority should certainly be considered far more important than the will of a few. Indeed, the Electoral process has become an antiquated process by which to elect the President of the United States. I believe we should make an Amendment to the Constitution if necessary to eliminate the use of the Electoral College. It is no longer necessary and has proven in recent times to contradict the will of the majority.
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