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The occupy and tea party movements represent two very contrasting views of Americans today. Which movement do you find yourself relating to more? The Occupiers or Tea Partiers? Peaceful short term protests or long and violent protests?


Posted by in Politics / News on 11/06/11
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LIBERAL - 11/30/11 @ 1:01 AM:
I cannot side with either movement. Neither side really seems to have a clear and resolute platform. Neither do they seem to have a central figure who can convey their platform even if they had one. They both mean well, but without any real direction neither movement will make much of a difference as long as they are unable to get their ideas across to the American public.

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The Boss - 11/6/11 @ 10:41 AM:
I have to be honest; the one thing the tea party is missing is an empathy table. If it had that it would be perfect.(Sarcasm Implied)

In all seriousness it really boils down to who you hold accountable for the outcome of your life. Is it big business and the those evil rich people at fault for your failures or could it quite possibly be you who is to blame?

The one area we can all agree on is that big business has too much power in Washington but one thing the Occupy movement likely won't own up to is that so does big labor. If it were up to me, I'd enact campaign reform laws that banned donations from Unions and Corporations and keep limits in place for individual donations.
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