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Spend 20 grand and hope the bike makes you look good or spend next to nothing and make the bike look good.


Posted by in Other / Automobiles on 5/30/08

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Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 7/16/11 @ 11:06 PM:
My dad used to have a motorcycle and I would go riding with him and I thought it was great! I know they are both dangerous but I think Street Bikes are more risky.

Neutral Comment

bill72 - 7/16/11 @ 5:22 PM:
I have respect for both of these bikes.

Side A Comment

gonzo - 6/2/08 @ 1:58 PM:
exactly. Thanks I'll take that as a compliment.

Side A Comment

Jana Banana - 6/1/08 @ 6:42 PM:
guys with street bikes are hott. guys with cruisers are always old and fat. haha

Side A Comment

gonzo - 5/30/08 @ 3:11 PM:
Don't get me wrong I understand the other side but come on he is on one wheel pointing!!!! plus nothing says fun like a top speed of 185 or better and going from 0-60 so fast it feels like your face is going to fly off!
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