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Americans voted for it, now who will own up to it? Socialism or Capitalism?


Posted by in Politics / Other on 11/06/08
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markei - 3/8/09 @ 11:24 AM:
With Capitalism, at least you have the opportunity to succeed if you work hard enough, and other people then will have the freedom to call you "big business" and label you as the problem with America.

If you are a small businessman and are successful, you become a "big" businessman and continue to be successful and then are punished for being successful.

Well, that is what it has come to in the U.S., not what true Capitalism is.

True Capitalism rewards successful people so that all should desire to be successful and put in the required effort to be successful. This is what made America a great(financially) nation to begin with, but we have coasted on the efforts of prior generations for years now.

Socialism requires no effort at all, and the person with no motivation(provided by Socialism views), gets the same reward as the person who invests many of his years into his business(with many personal sacrifices) and becomes successful.
The Boss - 3/8/09 @ 11:35 AM: Ally | Side B
We are headed in a direction that may be nearly impossible to back out of. Once you hand everything out and create the reliance of government for every aspect of life the lazy and unmotivated will only fall further into the false reality that they are entitled to pieces of everyone elses hard work. It makes me sick. Punish success, yeah that's a great policy.

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AugTheCnqror - 2/9/09 @ 2:15 PM:
depends on who want controlling aspecs of your life you generally have no control of anyway...socialism will put government in charge of things you as an individual are powerless to change, capitalism will put business in charge of the things you cannot change. so do want government bossing you around and controlling the pace, or do you want the filthy stinkin rich to controll how much you pay for...well everything.....i'll take my chances with capitalism, they can make milk and gas cost as much as they want, but at the end of the day at least i can give them the finger and not go to jail. with capitalism, you have more freedom to buy, sell, trade with whoever you want and not go to jail for telling any business to shove it..

Side B Comment

markei - 1/24/09 @ 5:24 PM:
Semantics, Dennis. Wealth redistribution is merely one of Obama's Socialist views. Socialism encompasses many things, Obama is a Socialist, meaning he holds Socialist views, not that he is a member of any club. His views are that the main problem in this country is Capitalism, which allows one person to have something better than another, never mind he worked twice as hard for it. If your neighbor has a swimming pool or a boat, that is unfair if you are unable to acquire the same thing, Obama made that clear during his campaign. His response to McCain calling him Socialist was not to refute it, but to explain himself. I can't find the exact quote on Google, but it went something like this: "They say I'm a Socialist, I'm just not one of those who go to the playground and refuse to share their lollipop." That describes a purely Socialist viewpoint in that context.

Side B Comment

hoq - 11/29/08 @ 4:15 PM:

What an insipid comment. If anyone here is retarded, it's you. How does wealth redistribution NOT equal socialism, pray tell?

You are exactly the reason why I am so anti-socialist, no matter what so-called benefits a "shared society" might bring - because at the end of the day, mental midgets like yourself are elevated from being the lowest common social denominator into positions of power.
Dennis Plucinik - 12/1/08 @ 6:05 PM: Ally | Side B
wealth redistribution doesn't EQUAL socialism, it is one idea which contributes to many others which as a whole equal socialism.

Socialism also uses taxes (which are a form of wealth redistribution) so does that mean every society that uses taxes is socialist?

Side B Comment

The Boss - 11/14/08 @ 7:18 PM:
"Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society" - Obama wants government to control as much as possible, including health care. Democrats are historically anti-military (Military Build down) and pro big government. No one has actually validated Obama's spending plans, they don't know how he can actually fund all of his Robin Hood like promises.

"Socialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and creates an unequal society. All socialists advocate the creation of an egalitarian society, in which wealth and power are distributed more evenly" - Well let's see Dennis, Obama is directly targeting a small segment of society with major tax increases with the intention to spread the wealth among the working class, how does this not fit the bill?

Side B Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 11/14/08 @ 7:06 PM:
this is a funny one because I know a lot of you think knocking socialism is a jab at Obama because for some retarded reason you think "spreading the wealth around" equals socialism

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mama kaz - 11/12/08 @ 9:08 PM:
You are right big ben. Capitalism encourages hard work and big dreams. Socialism squashes dreams and encourages government dependence. I don't want government making my decisions about healthcare or anything else for that matter. I also don't want money in my pocket that someone else worked hard for. People do not appreciate what they don't work for. This includes housing, healthcare, education, and food. Our country has created a surplus of people who couldn't help themselves if their very life depended on it. The more we hand out the more they expect. I see very hard times ahead for all of us and very few are going to be ready for it.

Side B Comment

big ben - 11/6/08 @ 9:47 PM:
Hello to all. Our country has become the greatest civilzation in the history of the earth. Our country was founded on immigrants and colonists who were desperate to make a living for themselves. Most immigrants were the displaced from Euorpe during the industrial revolution. They had the choice to escape to America or possibly meet a much worse fate with not where to go in Europe and staying. People came here to work and survive, and they did this with asperation to reach a better quality of life. From Carnegie steel to coal mining to the Rockefellers to the railroal, the expansion of growth began.
There were definitely major issues with capitalism in the beginning. This included problems with monopolies and worker rights. This eventually produces labor unions and antitrust laws. The point is that the growth that the USA accomplished in such a short period of time required hard work and entrepeneur spirit. This hard work along with the foundation of capitalism is the only reason America is where it is today. We currently work more hours per week than any other country... Why is this domination at risk?

Our family values are decaying, liberalism is being brain washed onto people from public elementary schools all the way up to the higher institutions of learning. The biggest decaying factor in this way of thinking is the idea that everyone is a winner, and everyone deserves exactly what everyone else has. This is the same ideal that feed socialism.

Socialism has never brought economic success. Governments can do a really good job misleading the contrary by showing low unemployment figures. They can do this by putting citizens that do not have jobs into government assisted/funded work programs. Is this really good for an economy? That is taking the outrageous tax revenues and throwing it back into government programs. What kind of economic growth does that bring? Our culture is also a decaying growth to the way of thinking that everyone deserves what everyone else has. This goes back to the role model super stars and poor family values at the home front. People today say that Obama will bring change. What kind of change I ask them. Most reply, "just change we need change." There are a few that have an educated argument, but very few.
Obama and his ideals are frightening. This includes socialized medicine. Hawaii tried doing this for kids only and they had to stop after 2 years. They were going to go bankrupt. Health care needs reform but not government control. Why would you spend another 850 billion when a trillion dollar bail out plan has already been passed into law? We have hit our first quarter of recession and Obama wants to raise taxes when the stock market is crashing. What the hell is he thinking????

Why is Bill aire(probab butchered his name) teaching in our schools? He is an X terrorist fellon. Why is he teaching in our schools? Why do most liberals hate America, including him? Why is Obama associated with him? Why does Obama's wife admit that she was never really happy in the USA until now? These are all questions that anger me beyond belief. What happened to the patriots of this country that will work for the people and not their self interest?

America has voted. They want the government to become big brother. This is the beginning of the end of superiority. The health care plan will take this economy to the basement. This will force the military to be cut. The tax increases will slow the economy. Growth will downward spiral expotentialy. America, nothing is for free. If you want to dance with socialism, you must be prepared to pay the price of superiority and military might. Dont take my word for it. Go and look at any other country who is dancing with this type of government and compare their economy and military to US. China is loving this! THey are moving a communist nation toward capitalism and we are moving a capitalistic government toward communism......
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