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Shouldn't be expected in Small County

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I recently navigated to the Monroe County TN election commission website in search of a sample ballot for the August 2nd 2012 primary and found they haven’t updated the site in over two years. Is this unacceptable or small town politics?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 7/30/12
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DollyFan - 8/2/12 @ 4:16 AM:
Of course, there should be a sample ballot. In this day and age with all of the technology available it wouldn't take them 2 minutes to post one on the site!

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cutie122403 - 8/1/12 @ 4:57 PM:
We DO live in Monroe County, Tn., it does not surprise me!

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The Boss - 7/30/12 @ 4:20 PM:
I was pretty aggravated when I discovered Monroe County, TN election commission didn't think it was important to make a sample ballot available online like they have years prior. In fact their website hadn't be updated since the 2010 election. So I took it upon myself to get a sample ballot and posted it here:

I can't imagine I'm the only person irritated about this. Hopefully it will get indexed in Google quick enough to help a few people out who actually want to research who they will be voting for prior to heading to the poll booth. I know I'm dreaming to think large quantities of people care enough to do a little research as opposed to voting down party lines just like Pah did.
LIBERAL - 7/30/12 @ 5:55 PM: Ally | Side A
That is a little ridiculous. Question? Does the Monroe County Courthouse really look that similar to the Sevier County Courthouse? I was just curious.

The real shame of this is that I can't believe some would need this information so late in order to decide who to vote for. I'm assuming of course that tomorrow is your county's run-off elections. Ours is tomorrow. I'm working at my precinct tomorrow. Go Paul Sadler!!!!!
The Boss - 7/30/12 @ 6:01 PM: Ally | Side A
Our election is on August 2nd. That is indeed a picture of Madisonville courthouse which has some rich history from the civil war. I believe it was burned down twice.
LIBERAL - 7/30/12 @ 6:23 PM: Ally | Side A
Oh, no Ryan. I'm not questioning whether it is the courthouse, just noting the similar architecture between the two. Were both designed by the same architect? I have no doubt they're different, but I just noticed some similarities. There are no similarities between Henderson and Kaufman here. I'll show you.
Scroll down the Kaufman Co. website. The old courthouse burnt down and was replaced by some ugly piece of crap.
The Boss - 7/30/12 @ 7:19 PM: Ally | Side A
Actually, I thought you were asking. lol. One cool thing to note: A couple of years ago when mom, Crystal, and I spent a good deal of time Ghost Hunting we got to investigate the court house and gained access to areas not normally open to the public. One area to note was the roof area; the rafters and support structure were HUGE hand carved wood from massive trees. Honestly, it's more beautiful than the outside of the building.
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