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This one is for the women. My sister used to make me suffer through soap opera's. Which soap is the best?


Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 5/11/08

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Ripi - 1/13/09 @ 5:58 PM:
NOT !!! I last watched "Days" probably 15 years ago. I could easily catch up in 15 min. DULL dull BORING boring.
I'd like to see a soap opera with the wife in curlers and fuzzy houseshoes.

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The Boss - 5/14/08 @ 8:05 PM:
Sorry, these are the two I remember you torturing me with in our younger years. That damn hour glass in engraved permanently in my memory. Thanks SIS!

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Sarah Forester - 5/14/08 @ 3:59 PM:
littl brother where is General Hospital?? It would win hands down but i must stick with my abc soaps...
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