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both are awesome shows but u pick which one is your favorite?


Posted by in Entertainment / Other on 5/10/09

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*lil_smarty* - 5/13/09 @ 6:06 PM:
watch episode 13

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*lil_smarty* - 5/11/09 @ 12:48 PM:
elfen lied is a show about these people who have super powers and can create these imageinary hands that come out of their backs go to dubhappy.com and click on elfen lied it is soooooooooo kool!!!

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The Boss - 5/10/09 @ 10:34 AM:
I've never seen either but elfen lied looks like a cool character.
cutie122403 - 5/10/09 @ 1:38 PM: Ally | Side A
Same here. The other guy looks kind of mean.
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