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Who deserves to be the next Senator from the Show Me State? Have Akin's reprehensible remarks done irrevocable harm to his chances? Or does he still stand a chance... ...and should he?


Posted by in Politics / Candidates on 8/28/12
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LIBERAL - 8/28/12 @ 6:26 PM:
Seriously Ryan? I can understand that as a conservative you would rather have anyone else other than McCaskill, but how can you choose this man? Someone who believes that a woman's body somehow possesses the ability to reject a pregnancy only in the case of a legitimate rape? I would have at least expected you to vote Neutral. I don't understand how anyone could support a person whose views are so demeaning to women. If he truly cared about his party he would drop out of the race and endorse someone else whose views don't resemble that of a cave dweller.
The Boss - 8/28/12 @ 7:47 PM: Rival | Side A
I intended on commenting as soon as I found the time but my time has been very limited due to trying to get the house ready to sell.

Here's a brief breakdown for the time being. I see Obamacare and Obama in general as the biggest dangers to this country (I know we greatly disagree on this and that's fine). Bottom line, the only chance remaining to remove Obamacare is to take control of the executive branch, take control of the Senate, and to remain in control of the House.

Taking the Senate back is far more important than considering this guys opinion of women having some kind of super vagina's. Anytime the establishment GOP throws someone under the bus I immediately question the intentions of the party. That they did in this situation and I'm anti-establishment; if it were up to me I'd replace them all.

As I've been very busy lately I haven't been able to follow this very closely but aside from the word "Deserves" I have no problem being on this side of the rivalry. I really have a hard time believing anyone deserves to serve (Well that was the original intent) the people and make a small fortune doing so.
The Boss - 8/28/12 @ 8:23 PM: Rival | Side A
Question: How could he drop out and endorse someone else when the primary has already taken place? If that were possible and there was another electable option then of course that would be my preference.
LIBERAL - 8/28/12 @ 10:30 PM: Ally | Side B
I'm just answering your question about who could replace him as the challenging candidate. Actually there is something he could do. He could drop out. Which would mean the state's Republican committee could name a replacement. The obvious choice would be to pick from the other two main candidates that ran against him like Steelman, or simply choose someone they believe is in the most alignment with their platform. Every state party committee basically has this power in cases like this or if the candidate were found to be ineligible or died during the course of the race.

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 8/28/12 @ 3:23 AM:
I can't help but notice that some people just don't know how to keep their foot out of their mouths. How is it possible for a candidate to be so far ahead in his state's polls to say something so ridiculous and unfathomably stupid as to warrant his opponent to become the poll leader by 9 points inside of 2 weeks time? Despite McCaskill's views why should Akin deserve to win considering his right-wing views on abortion? Will his archaic stance on a woman's right to choice be his downfall?
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