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Should Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney release more tax returns? Would Harry Reid finally shut up? Will it prove anything at all? Will it mean anything to the voters?

Posted by in Politics / Elections on 8/03/12
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The Boss - 8/4/12 @ 11:52 AM:
A couple of things here.

Has he provided what law requires of him?

Does no one take issue with the leader of the Senate making accusations of a serious crime without so much as any proof and the following it with a personal attack on what his father thinks of him?

I could just as easily say I received a phone call from someone you (fictitious person) worked with and he said you "Fill in the blank" (examples: Had sex with goats, slashed a co-workers tires, etc...). If the person I heard that from has no intention of coming forward and actually providing proof of the claim that is what we call Hearsay and for a sitting Senator to behave in this manner in my opinion is embarrassing.

This is as absurd as calling President Obama a muslim and should be frowned on as such.

It's actually sad that Mitt (Again, I'm not a big fan of the guy) is being attacked for being successful. Is that not what most of us strive for? Success and happiness? Of course it doesn't take acquiring his kind of wealth to be happy but we certainly shouldn't be persecuting success.

Also, why is it that it's okay to be wealthy and successful when you're say the ceo of Apple or Facebook (openly liberal ceo's) but not okay if you're an evil conservative?

And seriously folks, rich people dodge taxes because our tax code is so complex with so many loopholes in it and they have the money to pay people to find these loopholes. I also have a not so distant memory of one my favorite people in the world; John Kerry. What was it that he did? That's right attempted to register his multi-million dollar yacht in another state to avoid paying the extreme taxes he helped impose in Massachusetts.
LIBERAL - 8/4/12 @ 4:04 PM: Ally | Side B
I agree with everything you said. As far as Harry Reid is concerned did you read my previous statement? I already took issue with Sen. Reid's comments and allegations. I think he's being a real a$$ about it. What he has said is completely unprofessional and in my opinion really disrespectful. As Romney's camp put it "put up or shut up". If he actually had any evidence then show it, if not he just needs to keep his unfounded opinions to himself.

I've never had an issue with Mitt's wealth, but I do find it a little contradictory that people like him go to such extraordinary lengths to take advantage of loopholes that deliberately benefit the wealthy, and then turn around and create additional loopholes for tax laws that only help the top earners. What about the rest of us who don't make over $250,000 a year?Despite whatever party you belong to, I just don't find it fair.
The Boss - 8/4/12 @ 8:07 PM: Ally | Side B
I did read it but waited a while before commenting and it wasn't fresh in my mind.

In regards to the tax issue, I would support a tax system with the only deductions being for donations to non-profits and I would strongly tighten the qualifications for non-profits as it's about as loose as the qualifications for disability. Of course a flat tax rate across the board because a progressive tax rate is not fair and neither is tax loopholes that benefit the rich. That's not to say those on the bottom shouldn't pay their 15% as well.

Also, I would ban tax surpluses which in itself would cut down on the birth rate in the low income bracket. How we as a nation are paying people to be carry out a life of bad choices and continued lack of effort is beyond me. Sorry, a wee bit off topic.

Neutral Comment

DollyFan - 8/3/12 @ 9:55 PM:
I figure it doesn't matter. He won't be changing my opinion. As Rick stated, the only reason you have accounts in those countries is to avoid paying U.S. taxes, so I don't need to see his tax documents.

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 8/3/12 @ 3:16 AM:
I chose the side of no release simply because I believe I already know enough about Mitt Romney NOT to vote for him. I don't need to know for a fact that he deliberately avoided paying taxes on his entire wealth. It's quite obvious he did. You don't have accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland as an American except for this reason. What exactly will it prove to Americans? That he's rich? Yeah, we kind of already knew that much. On the other hand he could easily release them, if not for anything else, to put a sock in the mouth of Sen. Harry Reid. I may be a liberal democrat, but even I sometimes wish he would just shut his piehole. If he truly had anything detrimental to Romney's character I think we would have heard about it by now. Instead we're just supposed to go on his word via a supposed "reliable" source inside Bain. Well, I might just be Santa Claus too.

If Romney really has nothing to hide then he should wait a month or two more and then release his returns just to embarrass the hell out of Reid. What do you think?
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