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Splenda - Artificial Sweetener

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Which one of the zero calorie chemicals are worse for your health? Apartame (In Diet Coke & Pepsi) or Splenda?


Posted by in Health / Drugs on 2/19/10

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Neutral Comment

wayne johnson - 5/31/11 @ 5:48 PM:
I am choosing neutral only because I refuse to pick a side. REALLY!!!!! Splenda Vs. Asparatame.
They are BOTH chemically toxic to your body and should both be banned. That's like saying is it better to be killed by a bullet or a knife. What difference does it make if in the end you still end up DEAD! By choosing either splenda or asparatame in the survey you are not choosing which of the sweeteners is better you are choosing by the preference of your drink of choice. Both are HORRIBLE!!!!! Your better off eating regular sugar and that is not saying much. The dangers of simple refined sugar.

Side A Comment

Jeff - 2/25/10 @ 8:54 PM:
Give me Splenda anyday
TattedAngel - 3/12/10 @ 11:44 PM: Ally | Side A
Honey? I don't think we'd survive without Splenda. LOL
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