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After the release of The Freeh report which places significant blame on Joe Paterno and fellow high ranking officials with Penn State; should the Football program be shut down for several years or permanently? Unfair Student Athletes?


Posted by in Sports / Football on 7/13/12
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DollyFan - 7/23/12 @ 11:31 PM:
I say why end it? Investigate and get rid of anyone who was remotely involved and rebuild the program. To end it would just punish those who did nothing and those in the community. There are a lot of people who will be economically hurt by this, even without closing it down. If they had nothing to do with it, why make their losses bigger. They will already be hurting from the time it takes Penn State to recruit coaches and athletes to rebuild. As for removing his statue, of course they should have! Doesn't matter how great his football record is, of he helped cover up this scandal, the rest easy to ignore. Boys lives and minds are much more important than a school and coach's legacy!

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LIBERAL - 7/22/12 @ 11:34 PM:
I saw on the news today that they removed the statue of Joe Paterno from the university campus. Apparently it was cause for division on campus. Anybody have anything to say about that? Just curious what others think. I hate that such a thing happened. He was one of the most regarded and well respected coaches in college football, but perhaps it wasn't such a bad decision after all.
The Boss - 7/23/12 @ 6:20 AM: Ally | Side A
I saw that as well. I've got mixed feelings on the matter. It's a shame to see a huge piece of coaching history get flushed down the toilet but with the horrendous nature of the crime he helped cover up I think the university made a wise decision. I also saw the NCAA is going to be punishing the university with some steep fines; another action I agree with. I really would hate to the see the football program disappear so I think the choices being made by the NCAA and the University are heading in the right direction to eventually starting over.

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Jeff - 7/22/12 @ 7:25 PM:
Can't really blame the program just those behind it so I would say clean house and start anew!

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LIBERAL - 7/13/12 @ 6:43 PM:
I'm not even suggesting that they rebuild, but clean house a little. Get rid of those responsible and the possibility of it ever happening again. Shutting down this program only punishes those who do not deserve it. It's that simple.

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The Boss - 7/13/12 @ 3:01 PM:
I'd be lying if I said I closely followed Penn State football but knowing how serious communities are about their football (I live just outside of Knoxville) and the kind of economic impact shutting the program down would cause; I'm a bit hesitant to say Shut Em' Down.

What they participated in is disturbing and makes me sick but there are a lot of student athletes that wanted to play for a iconic football team and are now going to be causalities of this disaster. I'd say tear the entire program down and replace EVERYONE, investigate boosters and refuse funding from any that had even an ounce of involvement with this scandal, and then start the program again.
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